Frequently asked questions:

What do you charge?

It really depends on the project at hand - a base price of $55 per hour.

However, we don’t charge $55 per hour for video importing (we can work on other projects while video is importing).

Prices for web site design depend largely upon how much of the work we have to do. If you have all the text written and pictures compressed we can work fast and cheap. Of course we can do all the pictures, video clips, and marketing spin about your business, product or service for you if you like as well. Contact us for a quote!

A basic 4 page web site averages $1500, updates run $50 / hour for basic updating.

When choosing a web site designer be sure you get what you want! Anyone can make a web page these days, but not everyone spends hundreds of hours researching and developing the latest methods of search engine placement, new efficient web technologies and how to speed up load times, optimization, etc.
Web site maintenance is another big issue, a lot of our clients come to us with sites that have been made, with no way to update or change them, and need a whole new site created. So make a web plan, find out what you want, and find the right people to make it happen for you.

We can also optimize pictures and videos for your site as well - prices depend upon amount of data to be dealt with, and if airbrushing and other special enhancing is needed. If you have a few dozen shots that just need to be resized and optimized for the web we can this quick and cheap! Contact us for details!

Do you make house calls?

Sure do! Our hourly charges start from when we leave the office so if you’re in the Nashville area we can help you out with reasonable fees.
* If you are running windows XP we can troubleshoot many software problems from the office with remote assistance if you have a broadband cable or DSL internet connection.



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