Internet content filters

Some of the most popular internet content filters for parents who want to restrict access to information and internet services are listed below.

CyberPatrol -

CyberSitter -

Security Software -


You may also look into this larger list of parental internet control software to see if one of these titles may work better for you. - Parental Controls Directory

Remember broad use of content filtering software may block many educational web sites, and other matter that you may not object to your children researching. You may need to disable filtering features for research about breast cancer for example.

The content filtering companies have an outstanding amount of new porn web sites to add to thier blocking algorithms every day, and so many sites are blocked by keyword, rather a human being actually rating a web site.

Also remember to change the password on your filtering software on occasion, and realize that kids can be very resourceful, and may find ways of hacking your system to disable you filtering software quite easily, and for that reason we reccomend other methods be employed to keep an open communication with your children, along with being in the room with the computer when it’s being used, and discussions that leave an open door for talk they may be needed, should a minor come across offensive, pornographic, or hateful material at any time.

In an article from consumer reports in June 2005 titled “Filtering software: Better, but still fallible”:

    But our evaluation of 11 products, including the filters built into online services AOL and MSN, found that the software isn’t very effective at blocking sites promoting hatred, illegal drugs, or violence. As we found in our tests in 2001, the best blockers today tended to block many sites they shouldn’t.

    FILTERED In a national Pew study, more than half of Internet-connected families with teenagers said they use filters.

    Consider which activities to control. Older children are more likely to engage in activities such as e-mail, instant messaging, and gaming. Time-management controls help minimize fighting for the computer. The Ratings tell you which products offer these features.

Be sure to check out the information offered by these parent groups as well.



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