Global Advanced Media


Some of the services we provide on a regular basis include
  1. Consulting
  2. Web Server Maintenance
  3. Web Site Hosting
  4. Custom Theme Creation - sites, blogs, wordpress and more
  5. Digital Video Editing / Conversion
  6. Advertising Services - online, print, radio and video
  7. Audio Editing and Distribution
  8. Digital Photo Shoots and Enhancements
  9. Web Site Creation and Maintenance
  10. Podcasting
  11. Voiceovers


Need a little help, maybe another opinion? We're here to help. Sometimes you have a good thing going with another designer, or another web host - that's great! I am not here to try to take away their business and sell you on ours.

There are times when I have consulted with people and told them that their current web host is not going to work well for their needs. Sometimes I suggest finding a different designer or other professional. Most of the time I prefer to sort through some of the options and provide some things that you can bring to your designer and have them deploy with your current stack of tech.

Sometimes I will jump in and handle the back and forth with your current web host to get some things fixed for you, other times I just give you the info you need to send their way.

Happy to consult with you and your teams. See what you have and what you need and offer insights on some paths to get there.

Contact me to discuss what you are looking for and what we can do to help make that appear!