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Unhacking and Security

Unhacking and Security

We've seen a lot of hacking and security issues over the years.

If your web site has been hacked, or your wordpress is hacked, we can likely get that fixed up for you. We've been through dozens of hacks on more than a dozen different web servers.

Sometimes you are hacked by an automated "bot", sometimes you are targeted specifically. Other times you could just be caught in the middle of someone else being targeted.

We suggest making backups of your backups. When make another backup and keep it off site. Have a backup of your site before it was hacked and a backup of the site and the web server as it sits hacked.
When it comes to un-hacking your web site, you should do more than fix the glaring issue. Maybe someone added some nefarious pages to your site, or simply added some links to the bottom of your pages. Whatever the defacing or issue is, don't just fix that one issue. It's time to change a list of things.

Sometimes it's hard to find if a hacker gained access to your site by guessing your admin login password. Sometimes they get to your site by hacking a different section of the web server. For these reasons and more, we suggest moving all of your site assets to a new server and setting up fresh new passwords for every part of your setup.

We can help with these issues. Simple hacks (the most common, automated, add links or pages to your site type) can be fixed up for as little as $300.
Depending on your web server setup and what it takes to create a new account on your server and setup new databases and other assets the cost be higher. It comes down to time, some web sites have tons of assets to move and copy over and that takes more time. However the average hacked wordpress can be fixed up for as little as $300.

Contact me to discuss what you are looking for and what we can do to help make that happen!

We also work with multiple systems to create backups, and add security layers for clients. If we can get these added in the alotted average time for an un-hack job, then there is no extra cost.

It is better to get these things setup before you get hacked, and in some cases these extra protection layers can be added for under $100. Contact us for details and a quote for your particular situation.