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Web Sites!

We do most things internet. Web site designs, redesigns, speed enhancing, mobile / cell phone and tablet versioning, web hosting, security and much more.

Contact us with some basic info about what you want and what you have and we will look at some options for your situation. For more than a decade we have brought ideas to the web mostly for small to medium sized businesses. We've also built site for musicians, charities, games and more.

Our experienced staff brings you years of marketing, web design, digital photo, audio, video, and streaming media deployment. You tell us what you need to do, and we will help you find the most effective solutions - delivering your message in digital!

Have another thing already?

Tell us what you have and what you want done differently.

Sometimes we take over entire web projects moving and updating all the site assets, and move customers to a new hosting environment and everything.

Sometimes we find a few fixes and changes to make to your existing code base and keep all of your hosting and everything where it's at, working with your team or helping your previous designer to update things.

Need something new?

We can build whichever parts you need, or everything from the ground up.

Yet, we are not going to try to take over all the things you already have. If you have a web hosting / email company already, great, we can work with that! If you have a designer, a security professional, whatever you have that you like, we want to keep you working with them and consult on what we can do to help your mix perform better.

We can take of of the 'full stack' if needed, and we do for many customers and businesses.

We will refer out to other professionals when we feel they can serve you in a better capacity or budget. Logos are an example in which we can do them, but almost always suggest using another professional that can make them faster and cheaper.

Help me help you

The more info you can provide the better, but we don't need everything on the checklist.

I have two forms to help put together your project with us, the more info you can provide the better I can likely get to your vision. Not all info is needed, I understand some things will come later in the process, and for some people they are super busy and need someone else to put together these things.

I'd love it if you have a few paragraphs of text for each page and some pictures you have the rights / licenses to that you want to use on your pages. If you can point out a few web sites that you want to be similar too that can be helpful as well.

The second info list I have for you is something most people do not know all the answers for. I encourage to take this list and print it out, and find the info and keep a second backup copy in your files.

Knowing these details can help you get your site back online if there is a server crash, or your site gets hacked or your designer goes on vacation and does not return. There are all kinds of things that can break the chain that is needed to keep your site online.

Having this info in case of emergency is a really good idea if you want to limit the downtime of your site.

We can do it all.

We can do it all, and we do. The backend hosting, security, updates, patched and other maintenance. We create designs and content, update them and more. If you are ready for a complete no worries, no hassle setup, we take care of all of that for you.

We can also guide you to good hosting, other designers, and addons for your projects, and your team can take care of that while we fix other aspects of your digital portfolio. We are happy to consult only, take over parts of your projects or the full stack based on your needs.

Web site design, optimization, updates and maintenance

We create custom web sites, and maintain them. Whether you need a basic web page or a multimedia web site with pictures, videos, forms and other interactive elements, we can help! We've created lots of web sites for business in the Nashville area and beyond. We have lots of experience optimizing web pages for the search engine optimization that many need.

Our experienced staff pays extra attention to detail on things like graphics size, and merging multiple assets into fewer trips to your web server in order to speed up the load time of your site. This is important for your visitors, especially when they use phones or tablets to get your info, and for search engines like google to place you above less optimized sites.

We have a ton of different site styles we work with and will make custom styles for you. If you need custom banners created, or digital photos enhanced we do that too. Video editing and optimization also available - contact us for details!

For additional information about web site design see our frequently asked questions page.

Looking for web site hosting? See our links page.

Many of the web sites we have developed were done with non-disclosure agreements, and we can not share examples of those sites. We also take client privacy seriously. Some of the web projects we have optimized and enhanced were 'designed' by other companies and we were brought in to help with some of the deeper tech involved. We do not share those projects with others either.

Hapy to consult with you and your teams. See what you have and what you need and offer insights on some paths to get there.

Contact me to discuss what you are looking for and what we can do to help make that appear!